Get The Exact Drills, Exercises, and Circuits

Created by popular demand by those working in Gymnastics, for those in Gymnastics

Stop feeling stressed in the gym or at home, and instead have the confidence to know you are doing exactly what is needed to help gymnasts with SHIFT's brand new Ankle, Knee, Hip, Lower Back, Shoulder, and Elbow/Wrist PreHab Circuits

These 6 brand new PDFs are designed for one reason - to save you time, money, and energy when working with gymnasts.

Instant Access to All 6 PDFs

Each comprehensive PDF is a step by step guide of the exact passive and active flexibility, strength, balance, and gymnastics specific PreHab exercises used by Dr. Dave Tilley with 1000s of gymnasts across the world. 

Each area of the body has 3 full circuits (A, B, and C Days) with pictures, detailed instructions on how to perform them, and links to videos for demonstration so there is no confusion. 

We did the heavy lifting for you and summarized all of the information you need to get quick, effective PreHab circuits in that do not require large amounts of space or expensive equipment. 

That way, you can spend less time endlessly searching social media or your phones camera roll for exercises you liked and spend more time doing the thing you love - helping gymnasts learn new skills, hit routines, and enjoy the sport they love. 

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